LOSOK Custom Arms, LLC

Here at LOSOK Custom Arms, we believe there is a finish available to suit every need or use that a customer can imagine. With this in mind, we offer an almost unmatched variety of finishes, from the traditional to the ultra-modern. The finishes listed below can be applied to your firearm or are available as part of any LOSOK custom rifle package.

Finishes available:

*Depending on the amount of surface preparation needed.

**Matte finish=$100, High-polish finish=$200-$300 depending on surface prep.

***$100 for single color, camo patterns start at $200

Description of Finishes

Ferratic Nitride: This is the most advanced firearms finish we offer. Nitride offers exceptional wear resistance, excellent corrosion resistance and a uniform black color. This finish treats both the inside and outside of all parts of the rifle made of ferrous metal. Nitride will offer the benefits of a chrome lined bore without the disadvantages. As this finish is not a plating, but a heat treatment process, it actually changes the surface of the steel and preserves the finish characteristics (lapped finish) of the bore and can not flake off. Nitride will result in a surface hardness of nearly 70 Rockwell C scale, meaning that you can run a file across it and it will not scratch. Nitride is self-lubricating, eliminating the need to add oil to your firearm. This finish can be top-coated (with some surface prep) with DuraCoat or Film Transfer, allowing a variety of colors. Back to Top

Slow Rust Blue: This finish is the most traditional finish that we offer. If you have ever seen an original 19th century vintage or early 20th century blued firearm, this is the finish that was used. It is applied very slowly by actual rusting of the firearm and repeated carding of the rust until the desired deep black finish is achieved. This finish is much more durable and deeper than hot caustic blue. This finish can take several days to apply in comparison to just minutes for a caustic blue. Back to Top

Hot Caustic Blue: We utilize Christy brand salts in our caustic blue operation. These salts deliver the deepest black of any salts we have seen. This is the same process used in factory bluing jobs, but applied with much more detailed preparation, to achieve a superior grade finish. This finish can be applied in Matte or High Polish form. Back to Top

Parkerizing: This is the military type phosphate finish commonly seen on US Military Firearms from post-WWI to present. This finish is actually a phosphoric acid generated process using either Zinc or Magnesium phospate to plate the metal. The porous texture of the finish will soak up oil resulting in a very corrosion resistant finish that is self-lubricating and long-wearing. This is the finish you want if you are restoring a WWII vintage US Military rifle. Back to Top

DuraCoat: DuraCoat is a two-part chemical coating, applied by HVLP Spray Gun. DuraCoat is rust-proof, durable, wear resistant, chemical resistant and very attractive. It allows you to have the exact color or combination of colors applied to your firearm to suit the terrain you work or hunt in. This finish is applied over Nitride or Parkerizing to maximize the wear and corrosion resistance on your firearm. Back to Top

Film Transfer: LOSOK Custom Arms utilizes Lakota Industries to provide film transfer camo patterns on firearms, stocks, and even optics. All accessories can also be coated to match (bi-pods, rings, bases, etc.) The Film transfer is very durable and comes in a wide variety of patterns. Back to Top

Birdsong: The Birdsong T-Series finishes are among the most sought-after finishes on the market. They are utilized by many of the nations elite military and law enforcement agencies. The finish is completely rust-proof, long wearing and eliminates the need for lubrication of the firearm. The only area not treated is the interior of the bore. The Birdsong finish requires a longer wait time, due to the volume of business they do with the US Government and Military, however most customers feel the wait is well worth it. Back to Top

Color Case Hardening: This is a heat treating process that both hardens and colors the outside of the steel. LOSOK can accomodate requests for this process by working with a partner company who specializes in this classic process. The results are stunning and used on many high-end hunting rifles and shotguns. Back to Top